Treetop expedition

Experience the forest of the cliffs from above, and feel the rush…

Though the Cliff of Møn may be high, you now have the opportunity of getting even HIGHER when, this summer, we also provide tree climbing. Trained instructors will guide our visitors, young as old, to the top of some of the tall and majestic trees growing at the edge of the Cliff of Møn.

Hours: On all holidays and in the peak season between 12 and 4 p.m. See dates for holidays and peak season here.


Small climbing activity: minimum 6 years

Medium climbing activity: minimum 10 years AND minimum 135 cm.

Large climbing activity: minimum 12 years AND minimum 145 cm.

Meeting place: GeoCenter Møns Klint.

Expeditions are free of charge for everyone having bought a ticket to GeoCenter Møns Klint.