The flora and fauna of Møns Klint

Standing on top of the Cliff of Møn - 128 m above the sea - you are at the same time on top of the Danish chalk foundation. Denmark is entirely built on a platform of chalk, and therefore the Cliff of Møn bears witness of the enormous forces that have created the country and the unique flora and fauna of the area.

On Høje Møn - as the area around the Cliff of Møn is called - you will find plants and animals that may only be found in this part of the country.

Out of Denmark's approx. 35 species of wild orchids you can enjoy the sight of 18 different species in this area. They are mostly to be found on the commons of Høvblege and Jydelejet as well as in the Klinteskoven.

Large blue
Large blue is a butterfly that lives half of its life in a subterranean ant heap. It is extremely fastidious in the choice of habitat, but may be found in Høvblege.

The peregrine falcon - the fastest animal in the world
On the beach you may see the peregrine falcon chasing pigeons and starlings in the air with up to 180 km/h. After having been exterminated in the country for 30 years the peregrine falcon has now for 10 years in succession bred on the steep chalk cliffs facing the Baltic as the only place in Denmark.


See National Geographic's video High Velocity Falcon here:


There are many more sights - you can experience them at close range at GeoCenter Møns Klint or in their natural surroundings on Høje Møn.
On the Cliff of Møn all plants are preserved! Enjoy the sight of them, and if you want a souvenir - take a snapshot.