The chalk below the Cliff of Møn is old skeleton remains

The chalk of the Cliff of Møn is old skeleton remains from life in the sea c. 70 million years ago. In the sea there were squids, sea urchins, mussels, algae and a lot of other animals. Many of the species are extinct today, but in the chalk and on the beach you can find fossils of animal life 70 million years ago. The most common finds are belemnites and sea urchins. Belemnites are part of the back shell of a squid. You typically find a sea urchin with body and spines apart.

At the sea bottom there were also various crustaceans in subterranean galleries. In these galleries and other cracks flint was formed in all kinds of shapes, which we can find today. Most fossils are to be found in chalk, but may also occur in flint.

On the Cliff of Møn you may collect fossils and bring them home. If you don't know what you have found, do ask the nature guide. You can also ask us questions on Facebook: