Møns Kite Festival

Møns Kite Festival 2018

This year, Møns Kite Festival is a two-day event on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September from 12.00 noon to 6.00 pm
It is a wonderful tradition. Families from Møn and Vordingborg Municipality meet up with tourists, and together launch innumerable kites into the sky above Mandemarke Hills. It is an incredibly pleasant, relaxed day for kite enthusiasts of all ages.

People dream about flying
Once again this year the XC-Zealand Kite-Flyer Club will visit the Møns Kite Festival to show and tell people how a person can take off from the ground and actually fly with a kite. A windlass will tug the trained pilots up high, so they circle above the festival area, where there are also a starting point and landing point. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see and speak with the brave pilots - ‘Head Pilot’ Birger Strandqvist will be in charge of this air battle.

Free Kite Workshop
The focal point on the festival site is the large, free Kite Workshop. So if you simply have not managed to construct a kite at home, good tips are not expensive. In the Kite Workshop you can actually build your own kite for free, and even get help from knowledgeable, creative kite-makers - the so-called ‘Dragoons’. There are several models of kites to choose from.

Teddy bear parachute jump
Mainly for children - and teddy bears! Once again this year we have a highly experienced teddy bear pilot at the festival. The teddy bears will put their parachutes on and will be sent with a little kite up the line to a giant kite. Way up high, the parachute will be triggered and the teddy bears will get the flight of their lives. So bring your teddy bear with you, if he or she could do with something special - but not a ginormous teddy bear! The pilot also says he can create a rain shower of toffees - come and see whether it really is possible.

Kite-making competition
Who will build the most beautiful kite? The competition is in two parts, so there is a prize for the most beautiful homemade kite for under-12s and one for over-12s.

Food and beverages
In the Café Tent, 8th-form pupils from Møn Independent School will serve all sorts of goodies - snacks, coffee and sweets. They will make every effort to provide guests with a great experience. So come and support the Café Tent. All profits go to the 8th-form study trip.

A great day for everyone
What makes the Møn Kite Festival so lovely is being up in the stunning hills and the fact that the whole family can take part in an exciting activity in the most wonderful natural setting. Give it a try! And if you’ve tried it before, it makes perfect sense to come again this year!

We look forward to seeing you and your family in Mandemarke Hill on Saturday and Sunday 9 and 10 September 2017

With warm wishes
Møns Kite Festival