Peregrine Weekend

16th og 17th June 2018

Experience the peregrine falcons with Niels Peter Andreasen



A hole weekend of peregrine falcons! Go exploring and get close to the birds on the white cliffs, fly and hunt like a falcon in the VR experience and play and learn about the peregrine falcons in the Workshop.  

Niels Peter Andreasen has followed the fascinating birds in over 40 years and he will take you on a journey into their world on the white cliffs.



11-17: Fly and hunt like the peregrines ind oru new VR experience

11-17: Make a peregrine - in the Workshop

14.00: The pregrine falcon on Møns Klint - talk by Niels Peter Andreasen, peregrine caretaker

15.00: Guidet tour to the falcons' nest by med Niels Peter Andreasen