The exhibition

Watch the startling 3D films - If you dare?!

Travel back in time and enjoy the incredible dinosaurs in 3D


In our 3D Cinema we show the incredible film Seamonsters during the Eater holiday.


Theis unique story take you on exciting journeys back in time. The latest technology and amazing animations will give you a real sense of beeing there and beeing able to touch the animals.

You’ll learn something, while being entertained – not to mention terrified!

We screen the 3D film at scheduled times. Remember to book a seat in the Cinema, when you buy your entrance ticket.


Look forward to an incredibly fun day for the whole family

The films involve loud sounds and some sudden surprises, so get ready to hold the youngest children’s hands.

Watch the 3D film

3D Film #1
An amazing film about life in the Cretaceous sea 80 million years ago. Follow the story of the dolphin-like Dolichorhynchops, whose name is ‘Dolly’ and who gives birth to two babies in the tropical Cretaceous sea of prehistoric times. This was the most dangerous sea in the world - whose inhabitants included the mosasaurs, a giant carnivorous lizard.
3D film suitable for 6 years and over

Admission to the 3D Cinema is included in the entrance fee to the GeoCenter

PLEASE NOTE: There are 60 seats available for each screening. Seats are available on a first come, first served basis.


Cool experiences in nature

Join our guides for some great outdoor experiences


Join our guides and explore the amazing nature outside GeoCenter Møns Klint. Here you will find challenging mountain bike routes on the cliff, aerial walkways and zipline in the treetops of Klinteskoven forest, and a lot more besides.