Møns Dragefestival

Møn Kite Festival 2023

This year, the Møn Kite Festival is a two-day event that takes place on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September from 12:00 - 18:00.

The Møn Kite Festival will once again be held over two days. From Saturday 10th Sepember to Sunday 11st September at 12:00, the Møn Kite Festival will be underway for the 25st year in a row. It is a wonderful tradition where families from Møn and Vordingborg Municipality meet with tourists and together they launch innumerable kites into the sky above Mandemarke Hills. It is an incredibly pleasant and relaxed day for kite enthusiasts of all ages.

Wild things are happening in the hills once again this year. It all begins when the cannon salute echoes across the Mandemarke Hills.

Free kite workshop

If you haven’t managed to build a kite at home, no worries - there’s plenty of good, free advice on hand. In the Kite Workshop at the centre of the festivities, you can actually build your own kite for free, and even get help from knowledgeable, creative kite-making experts. There are several models of kites to choose from.

Teddy Bear Skydiving

Mostly for kids – and teddy bears! Once again this year we have a highly experienced teddy bear pilot who will send the teddy bears up, up and away. The teddy bears will put on their parachutes and be sent with a little kite up the line to a giant kite. Way up high, the parachute will be triggered and the teddy bears will enjoy the flight of their lives. So if your teddy bear could do with a fun experience, bring them along – but it’s not suitable for ginormous teddy bears! The weather forecast says there might be a toffee rain shower – come and see whether it really is possible.

Competitions and record attempts

Who will build the best-looking kite? The competition is divided into two categories: the best-looking home-built kite for children under 12, and the best-looking home-built kite for everyone older than 12.The winners will receive a prize. We’ll also try to break the record this year for the longest kite tail. The current record of 195.5 metres was set by pupils from Møn Independent School in 2009, and it still has not been beaten. Will you be the one to set a new record? You must be under the age of 18 to participate. The winner will of course get a prize.

Food and drink
In the Café Tent, pupils from Møn Independent School will be serving all sorts of goodies – snacks, coffee and sweets. They work hard to provide guests with a great experience. So stop by and support the Café Tent. All profits go to the pupils’ study trip.

A great day for everyone
What makes the Møn Kite Festival so great is being up in the lovely hills and the fact that the entire family can take part in a fun activity in the most wonderful of natural settings. You should give it a try! And if you’ve tried it before, it makes perfect sense to come back again this year!


12:00 The festival and the café open. Cannon salute.
12:15 Kite Workshop opens. Build your own kite. Kite experts are on hand to provide help and ideas. Free-flying throughout the area.
13:30 and 15:00 Teddy Bear Skydiving – mostly for kids! Bring your teddy bear along so they can go skydiving with the help of our clever teddy bear kite pilot. Not for big teddy bears!
From 14:00 to 15:30, the jury will walk around and judge all the kites in the air and choose the best-looking homemade kite in the categories: ‘children up to the age of 12’ and ‘adults’. We will also try to break the record for the longest kite tail of 195.5 m in the Children’s record book! 16:00 Jury selection and awards ceremony for the greatest looking kites. Followed by kite flying for all.
18:00 The festival ends