Orchid-safari 2018 - 2019

Photo competition and guided tours

Big photo competition - go on photo safari and experience the beautiful orchids. There are very nice prices to be won!



Do you love to photograph flowers? Then you should join this competition that runs from 10th May - 5th August. 

The competition is arranged by GeoCenter Møns Klint and Naturstyrelsen and sponsored by Møns Klint Resort.



Go on photo safari in the period 10th may - 5th August and shoot the winner picture(s). Upload directly on the post on  Orkidé-safari 2018 - 2019.



There are two categories:

People and orchids
About nature experiences. There must be people in the photos and the photos should interpret your idea of a beautiful, fun, special or weird nature experience with a focus on ochids. You can enter maximum 5 photos in this category. Remember to mind the orchids when you visit.  

Focus on orchids
Tune in on the orchids in this category. Shape, colours, light and shadow. You can enter maximum one photo of each species.  

The judges and the selection

The competition is judged by an orchid- and photography competent panel of experts. They will select the winners on the 4th August at 3 pm. 



In the category People and Orchids:

1st: Sail boat trip for 12 persons with Discovery along Møns Klint with forrester HC Gravesen as guide + 4 season tickets to GeoCenter Møns Klint.

2nd: 2 books, Danmarks Vilde Orkidéer og Orkidéer i Europa + orchid poster from Naturshop + season tickets to GeoCenter Møns Klint

3rd-5th: season tickets to GeoCenter Møns Klint


In the category Focus on Orchids:


1st: Weekend stay for 4 adults and 2 children in a family cabin at Camping Møns Klint (in 2018 or 2019 outside holidays and peak season) 

2nd: Guided orchid tour for up to 25 persons with forrester HC Gravesen + season tickets to GeoCenter Møns Klint

3rd-5th: season tickets to GeoCenter Møns Klint



Guidet tours - visit the orchids with the experts

Orchid expert and guide at GeoCenter Møns Klint conducts four tours. Free when you have a valid ticket to GeoCenter Møns Klint: 

Sunday 23th June: Høvblege  - Meeting point: Parking lot Gurkebakken/Busenevej

Saturday 6th July: Jydelejet  - Meeting point: Parking lot by the entrance to Jydelejet from Langebjergvej

Monday 29st July: Store Klinteskov  - Meeting point: The main entrance to GeoCenter Møns Klint