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Belemnites - thunder, lightning and giant octopuses

People ask a lot of questions when they come across a belemnite! What kind of fossil is it? Is it an octopus arm? Is it a dinosaur tooth? Is it the tip of a lightning bolt sent down by Thor’s Hammer (which is what people believed in the old days)? What exactly is it? The belemnite is a kind of ICON for Møns Klint.

Every year, tens of thousands of belemnites are found on the beach at the foot of the cliff, and we are in the process of creating the largest collection of belemnites in the world. The Guiness Book of Records has approved our attempt at the world record. So we hope that lots of visitors will donate the belemnites they find towards our attempt at the world record.

Every find that is submitted will be exhibited and protected by the legendary, 12 metre long octopus, the Kraken. It is so scary that we’re sure it will make the perfect security guard for the GeoCenter’s world record collection.

Find your own fossil on the fossil beach and then enjoy the scientific explanation, legends and tall stories in the exhibition.


Look forward to an incredibly fun day for the whole family


The carapace of a belemnite. This ten armed octopus is the most common fossil to be found near the cliff

Find your own fossil on the beach at the foot of Møns Klint

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