Here you are actually allowed to climb on the walls

Are you ready for a challenge?

Inside our climbing cave you can have a go at scaling the steep walls.

Climbing grips have been chiseled out all the way round - so you have the option of clambering up or along the walls.

The cave is designed for climbing, with excellent protective flooring, so you won’t hurt yourself if you fall down.

We look forward to seeing children and adults having a fun time as they try their hand at the art of climbing. Have fun!


Look forward to an incredibly fun day for the whole family

Cool experiences inside
GeoCenter Møns Klint

Cool experiences in nature

Join our guides for some great outdoor experiences


Join our guides and explore the amazing nature outside GeoCenter Møns Klint. Here you will find challenging mountain bike routes on the cliff, aerial walkways and zipline in the treetops of Klinteskoven forest, and a lot more besides.