The exhibition


Meet a genuine dinosaur in our interactive special exhibition.

The special exhibition, The First Dinosaur, uses photos, video and 3D animation to tell the gripping story of life in the Triassic Period 210 million years ago in Greenland, on what was then the continent of Pangaea. You will be taken on a highly unusual journey back in time.

You will also get a behind the scenes insight into how palaeontologists and geologists work to uncover the mysteries of the flora and fauna of the past. It is a fascinating work process, which formed the basis for our exhibition.


Look forward to an incredibly fun day for the whole family

Cool experiences inside
GeoCenter Møns Klint

Cool experiences in nature

Join our guides for some great outdoor experiences


Join our guides and explore the amazing nature outside GeoCenter Møns Klint. Here you will find challenging mountain bike routes on the cliff, aerial walkways and zipline in the treetops of Klinteskoven forest, and a lot more besides.