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The GeoCenter is child-, senior- and disabled-friendly - both inside and out



GeoCenter Møns Klint is fitted with wide corridors and elevators between the various levels, so that families with small children, wheelchair users and people with limited mobility can easily get around the building.

This accessibility also applies to Café Sommerspiret and the Butik Orkidé shop.


There is access to a large disabled toilet, which is also equipped with a changing table.

Need to borrow?

Please contact the front desk if you need to borrow a wheelchair or pushchair. It’s FREE.

Parking spaces

If you arrive by car and have a wheelchair with you, we have four disabled parking spaces right next to the main entrance. When you drive through the entrance barrier to Møns Klint, you need to continue up past the GeoCenter, where the four designated parking spaces are located.

If you have a companion with you, s/he is entitled to free admission upon presentation of a companion card.

Dogs are not allowed in

Guide dogs are welcome in the exhibition. Other dogs must wait obediently outside.



267-metre Boardwalk

Don’t miss the wonderful views of the Baltic Sea. We have a 267-metre long, wide, planked walk with five vantage points, including Freuchen’s Point.

Enjoy a marvellous view of the famous points: the ‘Queen’s Chair’ and Forchammer’s Point to the north. To the southeast, in clear weather you can see across the sea to the islands of Hiddensee and Rügen in Germany.

You reach the Boardwalk either in a wheelchair or on foot along the tiled walkway, past the main entrance and onwards in the direction of the cliff. Here you continue to the right and onto the Boardwalk.

The Boardwalk was built in collaboration with the Danish Disability Council and the Danish Nature Agency.


Book a guide for the Boardwalk or the exhibition

With a guide on the Boardwalk or in the exhibition you will enjoy a really special experience. Our skilled naturalists will tell you all about how Møns Klint was formed, its special flora and fauna and the fascinating fossils to be found in the chalk. Tours can be adapted to accommodate the needs and wishes of a group, so give us a call and let us know what you might like.

The price is DKK 700 per hour, and you need to phone and book a guide in advance on (+45) 55 86 36 00.


Enjoy your tour!


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