Team building & conferences

In a stunning setting

A conference with a difference


If you are organising a meeting, we have a venue that will really put the icing on the cake. With conference facilities located just a few metres from the cliff’s edge, GeoCenter Møns Klint makes the perfect setting for both business and leisure - or ‘Bleisure’ as it is also known. It is the location that makes it possible to combine meetings, conferences etc. with exciting activities right on the doorstep. After working your socks off, you have ample opportunity to get out into nature with our dedicated guides. Maybe it’s time for your legs to “express themselves” with a mountain-bike ride in Klinteskoven forest and on Møns Klint? Or maybe you fancy a walk down on the beach to see if you can spot a peregrine falcon - the fastest creature in the world? There are so many options, and we are always happy to customise an event to suit your needs - to create your own special ‘Bleisure’ day at Møns Klint.



Conference facilities in the heart of nature


Just a few metres from the cliff’s edge, sits the old hotel, which is now the premises for our conference facilities and the CeoCenter’s offices. On the ground floor there are two large, bright rooms with direct access to outdoors and Møns Klint. The rooms are equipped with tables and chairs, which can be laid out as required. There are also projectors, screens and Wi-Fi. The rooms are interconnected and both have doors with direct access to the cliff’s edge.


The rooms feature:

- Space for 25 people in each room (50 people in total)
- Wi-Fi
- Projector
- Screen
- Blackboards (of course with genuine writing chalk from Møns Klint)
- Other writing tools

Cost of the rooms: DKK 2,000 per day.



The Cinema

If you need to present a new product, screen a presentation video or something completely different, our cinema is the perfect choice. 60 soft seats and professional cinema technology will provide your product/presentation with the best basis for success.

Price: DKK 5,000 per day (only on selected days).



Activities for active companies


If you need a break in your programme, GeoCenter Møns Klint has a range of exciting and challenging activities for you. We can provide anything from interesting, vivid guided tours to action activities such as mountain biking, tree climbing and adventure racing. If you have any other wishes, we will of course be more than happy to create a bespoke event especially for you.


Guided mountain bike ride on Møns Klint


When your brain needs a break, the guided mountain-bike ride is just the thing. On our top-tuned bikes we can whizz off into Klinteskoven forest or we can go for a more peaceful ride - depending on what you want and the capability of the participants. Along the way we stop at one of the major natural attractions on Møns Klint, where the naturalist will tell you all about the nature and geology, and the flora and fauna. This is a perfect idea for any company that would like to unite physical activity with wonderful experiences of nature.

Duration: 1-2 hours.
Max. number of participants: 30.
Price: DKK 700 per hour with a guide and DKK 150 per bike.



Adventure race for companies


Mountain biking, orienteering, amusing tasks, GPS and cooperation. Without giving away all the details, your group will be faced with exciting tasks both on foot and on MTB. You will have to find your way with a map and compass or GPS. The group will be divided into teams of 3-4. Using cooperation and various skills, they have to struggle their way through the challenges. There is ample opportunity to work up a sweat and promote team spirit.

Duration: 2 hours.
Max. number of participants: 30.
Price: DKK 700 per hour with a guide, and DKK 300 per participant.

Tree climbing


There’s no doubt that Møns Klint is high, but now your company has an opportunity to climb EVEN higher. This summer we are also featuring tree climbing. Qualified instructors will guide climbers of all ages to the tops of some of the beautiful, tall trees, which grow on the edge of Møns Klint. Collect your thoughts and draw inspiration from the unforgettable view of the white cliff and the blue Baltic Sea.

Duration: 1-3 hours (depending on the size of the group)
Max. number of participants: 30.
Price: DKK 2,000 per hour (max. 10 people).


Møns Klint’s geology, fauna and flora


Join an expedition to the past. See and hear how Møns Klint came about, discover the area’s unique flora and fauna, and maybe even find your very own 70-million-year-old fossil. A naturalist will accompany you down the steps to the beach. En route, the naturalist will describe the genesis of the cliff, the impact of the Ice Age, the peregrine falcons and lots more. Down on the beach we will poke around among the pebbles, looking for the countless fossils, which have emerged after many, many years of being concealed in the cliff. This activity provides ample opportunity for an in-depth explanation of the most dramatic nature in Denmark.

Duration: 2 hours.
Price: DKK 700 per hour with a guide.


Guided tour round the exhibition


Geocenter Møns Klint recounts the exciting history of the area with a state-of-the-art exhibition, in which the latest interactive technology contributes to an unforgettable experience. The exhibition is constructed as a journey back in time. Light and soundscapes, computer animation and interactive touch screens for every age group help make the experience both vivid and present. The icing on the cake is your own guide who, with his/her vivid story-telling skills, will lead you through the exhibition and tell you all about the formation of the cliff, Klinteskoven forest, the rare orchids, the peregrine falcons and the major cliff subsidence.


Duration of the guided tour: 1 hour.
Max. number of particpants: approx. 100, divided into three groups.
Price: DKK 700 per hour with a guide (max. 25 people per group + admission).


Exciting LoQuiz game at Møns Klint


A challenging game that will bring colleagues and business partners closer together!

LoQuiz is a customised game that takes you and your team around the beautiful nature of Møns Klint, challenging your knowledge, physical fitness, team mentality and the capacity to combine your skills.

The greater the cooperation, the more points at the control points and the more opportunities to gain extra points. You can only access certain control points if you answer questions correctly at other control points.

The game is constantly updated, so teams can see whether they can improve their ranking.

You use your own smartphones or tablets or borrow ours. We have complete games ready, but we can also customise the game to suit your purposes and provide targeted content at the control points.

The game is adjudicated by a Game Manager: one of our knowledgeable guides.


Standard game: DKK 400 per participant
Customised game: As previously arranged. Call us and find out more.
Max. number of participants: 50

Call (+45) 55 86 36 00 to book your game